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14 January 2021

Weaver looks forward to fashion event

Thursday 30 August 2018 | Published in Culture


Weaver looks forward to fashion event
Nanave Taime with some of the accessories she made for the Miss Cook Islands competition last year. 18082801

Design is in her blood, and weaving is her passion.

Put them both together and Nanave Taime is in her element designing and making accessories for the upcoming Miss Cook Islands 2018 Project Runway Tropicana evening tonight.

Working for Pacific Weave gave her the break she needed. “My boss asked me if I wanted to do it, and I jumped at the chance. So this is my second year accessorising the Miss Cook Islands contestants.”

She makes contestants’ necklaces, bracelets, hats and hairpieces, and all are woven from rito in the traditional Penhryn style that her grandmother taught her.

Making the material when she has time, she also asks relatives on Penhryn to send her any extra she needs.

She says the contestants bring their outfits to her: “I look at them and then come up with ideas for their accessories. I love the creativity in it. I’ve been weaving since I was nine.

“My grandmother was here, but went home to Penhryn on Saturday. I would have loved her to have been here to see what I have made.”

Nanave also designs dance costumes and her own dresses.

“I had always wanted to do a show like this and for Thursday night I’m super-excited.”