Ministries promote their message in a flowery way

Wednesday 27 November 2019 | Written by Melina Etches | Published in Culture


Ministries promote their message in a flowery way
Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture Marama Anguna-Kamana, Ministry of Agriculture proudly displayed a colourful array of fruits and flowers. 19112610

Government offices put on a colourful display to promote the annual flower show.

A colourful and cheerful display of locally grown fresh fruit produce and bright flowers adorned the front entrance of the Ministry of Agriculture, for Te Mire Tiare.

The ministry secretary Temarama Anguna-Kamana said the display portrays the theme of the department, “planting nutritious foods, root crops, vegetables, fruit, taro, floral, plants, and this is what we do”.

Te Aponga Uira employee Apii Tutaka organised the office flower arrangements keeping in mind of her company logo.

“Our company colours of red yellow and green are seen in the display of our plants, we also added unique decorations to our light bulbs, as we are the providers of electricity.”

Tutaka loves this time of the year when the flowers are in bloom, “I love the bright colours, scents and their unique shapes.”

Event organiser Robert Ioaba, of Cultural Development ministry, was pleased with the efforts of the government sectors who signed up for the flower festival competition.

The venues visited by the judging panel and the drummers were very well presented and the adornments of flowers portrayed the theme of each ministry and their work place, said Ioaba.

“It was also good to welcome back to the 2019 competition some of the departments that haven’t joined this event in previous years, such as the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ports Authority, the Meteorological and Foreign Affairs.

“Thank you very much to each property for the effort displayed in flowers and plants by your staff, that portrayed your respected theme.”

The prize giving for Te Mire Tiare will be held 2pm this afternoon at the Ministry of Cultural Development domes. Businesses, government offices and schools, who participated in this event, are welcome to attend.

The judging for schools will start today from 9am.