Cooks at summit on arts and culture

Thursday 21 March 2019 | Published in Culture


The Secretary of Cultural Development Anthony Turua attended the 8th World Summit on Arts and Culture in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from March 11–14.

A small delegation of Cook Islanders from New Zealand also participated in the summit representing the Pacifica Arts Centre of Auckland led by Jacinda Stowers Ama and Tu Raa.

The conference is a unique opportunity for members of the International Federations of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies (IFFACA) from across the world to meet in person to discuss critical issues and provide international thoughts on leadership for the arts and cultural sector.

The theme of the summit addresses the times to which we live, are profound and ongoing transformation.

Globalisation, technology, climate change, and migration reshape societies, create complex challenges and invite solutions.

Connectivity creates interdependencies and increased contact between individuals with different values, worldviews, knowledge, and cultural expressions; these in turn can challenge existing power relations and bring imbalanced outcomes.

The Ocean Pacific Region was represented by NZ, Australia, Samoa, Fiji, Solomon and the Cook Islands.

It is envisaged that our Pacific Region will campaign to increase our IFACCA members from the 22 countries and territories and scope out the arts and culture priority needs for each country to be discussed during the Ministers of Culture regional meeting in Hawaii during the Pacific Arts Festival in 2020.

The discussion will lead to more interaction between the artist, curators, government sectors in terms of policy and capacity development, information and artist exchanges.

The IFACCA Board of Directors will also attend the Pacific Arts Festival in June 2020 to further discuss the opportunities for the Pacific members to engage into more discussions to address arts and culture transformation in globalisation.

The Summit was attended by 82 countries around the world with 480 delegates leading with government representatives, policy makers, researchers, managers and practitioners from the arts and culture sector, to discuss issues of public support for the arts, culture and creativity.

Previously, the Cook Islands attended the meeting in Chile in 2014 and Malta in 2016.

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