Bowling is blooming!

Tuesday 26 November 2019 | Written by Melina Etches | Published in Culture


Bowling is blooming!
Cultural artist Papatua Papatua with his bowling teams cleverly made design, of a bowler on the green for the Bowling clubs decorated business competition. 19112505. Or 19112506

The Rarotonga Bowling claimed first place for the Te Mire Tiare decorated properties competition, with a cleverly constructed ‘bowler in action’ on the green.

Cultural artist Papatua Papatua said the display was very special: “We built a model to represent our bowlers and flowers; we enjoy bowling and we love wear our flower ei, our business is bowling.”

Robert Ioaba, organiser of the annual Tiare Week, thanked the participants who – despite the rain – continued beautifying their premises with fresh flowers. He also acknowledged to CITC for their efforts adorning all their premises in town.

Air New Zealand’s Tevai-Kowhai Napa said they wanted to get involved in the community and take part in Tiare week. “It’s about vibrancy, about bringing life and joy to everyone. We love our colours, our flowers, it brings joy and happy times.”

At Prime Foods, Pare Kaveao said the firm liked to assist the Pa Enua with their locally grown goods – Mauke with their chutneys, Mangaia with their ginger and turmeric.

“This is a chance to dress up and wear flowers, not only for ourselves but for our store.”

Ngarima George, based the flower decorations on his Hut 24 at Punanga market on the belief that “we believe Christ Jesus is the flower of light, when we receive him, then our whole life changes…”

George encouraged anyone to visit and learn from traditional medicine, massages, making ei, and sharing about life. He had an unusual flower arrangement hanging from a breadfruit from the rafters of his stall.

The Cook Islands Trading Corporations’ main store showcased their flowers on the theme of ‘Leading the Way within our community’. The company sponsors and participates in the environment, community, culture and education fields.

First place went to the Rarotonga Bowling Club at Tutakimoa, 2nd to C&P Florae & Landscape in Nikao, and 3rd to Air New Zealand.

Today, the government departments will be judged for their fresh flowers.