Woman in drink-drive crash at 4 in morning

Saturday 4 July 2020 | Written by Jonathan Milne | Published in Crime


Woman in drink-drive crash at 4 in morning

Police have sought a blood-test from a woman who crashed her car at Matavera, early yesterday morning.

Police were called about the crash at 3:42am.

The female driver admitted to having been drinking, said Police Service spokesperson Trevor Pitt.

They had arrested and charged another woman earlier, after she tested over the legal limit for alcohol.

Meanwhile, police have seized two motorbikes from under age drivers at Takuvaine.

One of the teens was just 14 years old. Police spoke to the teens’ parents about their behaviour.

Government introduced new road safety laws this year, including lowering the breath alcohol limit from 400 to 250mcg, and banning the use of mobile phones and headphones while driving.

And from the start of next month, police will enforce the requirement that all motorbike drivers and passengers wear helmets.

Today, Cook Islands News tells the story of Jeremiah Mata, a 17-year-old whose life was saved by a helmet this year. He hadn’t been drinking, he wasn’t speeding.

He was riding home from work on a rainy night, when he rounded a corner and hit a branch across the road. He was knocked unconscious and lay in a ditch for hours, before coming to.

It was a miracle he survived, he said.