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16 January 2021


Police stress need to take care as burglaries increase

Tuesday 15 May 2018 | Published in Crime


Burglaries continue to increase on Rarotonga, according to statistics recently released by the Cook Islands Police.

“Burglaries are following a similar pattern to last year, but are trending slightly higher” a statement accompanying the statistics said.

A total of 57 burglaries were reported within the first four months of this year, up 10 on the same period last year.

Avarua and Vaimaanga continue to be hotspots for those with “sticky fingers”, with all burglary incidents reported last month occurring solely in those two areas. Commercial properties were the main target for thieves, comprising 46 per cent of last month’s incidents.

“Front doors, side and rear windows were the most common points of entry,” said the police statement. Police also stressed that these points of entry may be vulnerabilities overlooked by property owners.

“Unlocked front doors and windows present too much opportunity for those who may be scouting neighbourhoods for easy and convenient targets.”

Cash was the main target for the opportunists, making up 46 per cent of stolen goods last month. Slightly more than a third – 38 per cent, of victims were not at their residence at the time of the burglaries.

A visitor had a cell phone and debit card stolen from accommodation in Titikaveka on Friday night.

A complaint was also filed with Rarotonga International Airport police last Wednesday night after a passenger realised part of her luggage was missing.

Two bottles of Moët champagne were taken from where the passenger had left them on board the aircraft.