Police recruits almost ready for new job

Monday 21 May 2018 | Published in Crime


Police recruits almost ready for new job
Senior sergeant Maevarangi Kirikava has been pushing the police recruits to the limit at their training sessions.

The Cook Islands Police Service’s ranks will be boosted by seven new recruits in a few weeks’ time.

The trainee officers are nearing the end of their 12-week induction course. The course involves a mix of theory and practical activities to reinforce the theoretical lessons. Senior sergeant Maevarangi Kirikava, who is in charge of their training, says that being in the police force is all about doing something positive for the community.

“Either everyone is related or everyone knows each other on the island. It’s a big community and it’s satisfying being able to make a difference to it.”

Kirikava says one benefit of the training regime is that the discipline learned can open many doors for those wanting jobs in the public or private sector.

He says there is also an opportunity to network with police in other areas of the Pacific.

Watching the recruits go through physical training yesterday, it was evident that plenty of discipline, teamwork, and mental stamina required of the recruits.

“One recruit showed up late today, so the whole group was punished,” Kirikava said.

“It’s mind over matter…You will be dealing with people who want to hurt you!” Kirikava exclaims to the group whilst they hold a squatting position.

“The mental fitness and discipline needed comes hand-in-hand with their physical training” he adds.

The group has three weeks to meet the required fitness standards, otherwise they will have to wait to sit the test all over again at the next intake. Kirikava says most of the recruits in training already meet the required standards.