Man escapes serious injury in bike crash

Monday 7 September 2020 | Written by Legacy Author | Published in Crime


Man escapes serious injury in bike crash

Another driver has escaped serious injury in a crash, this time at Arorangi.

Police spokesperson Trevor Pitt said the incident on Saturday could easily have resulted in tragedy.

The crash involved the male driver of a motorbike, along with a passenger, who struck a parked car, outside the CICC church. Police were at the scene after 6pm.

“The incident again highlights the potentially lethal combination of speed and alcohol. The driver tested nearly three times the limit, and admitted to driving fast. He had not been wearing a safety helmet and sustained a cut to the head. The impact of the collision smashed the motorbike engine. The passenger had left the scene when Police arrived,” Pitt said.

There were two other crashes reported to police since Friday.

“That night a collision occurred in Tupapa involving two motorbikes. A driver is likely to face charges. The second occurred Saturday evening when a 14-year-old girl came off a motorbike in town. She was transported to hospital with a suspected broken ankle and other injuries.”