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27 November 2020

Extra community service for swearing at Minister Maggie

Friday 4 September 2020 | Written by Losirene Lacanivalu | Published in Crime


Stern warning of possible jail time given to man who swore at Minister of Corrective Services and a probation officer.

A 20-year old builder is to serve another two months of community service after using obscene words “indirectly” at a probation officer and the Minister for Corrective Services.

Gene Lewis Maxwell was initially sentenced to three months of community service by Justice of the Peace John Whitta on August 12 for receiving property dishonestly obtained.

Three days later, Maxwell found himself in hot water again for using an obscene word indirectly at his community service officer. He also used an obscene language indirectly at the Minister for Corrective Services George “Maggie” Angene.

The offence is a breach of his probation condition, the Court heard yesterday.

Probation Services officer Lisiane Messine yesterday told Justice of the Peace Georgina Williams that the maximum penalty for this offence is six-months in prison or a fine.

Messine said on the day that Maxwell attended the Community Service programme in Tupapa, each of those on probation were given a task. But while others were working Maxwell “sat there”, she said.

He also had earphones on while a probation officer was speaking to him, the court heard.

Messine said when work was completed and while walking back from Tupapa, Maxwell was accused of using an obscene word at the officer.

When queried about it, Maxwell replied that he was joking.

On that same occasion, Minister for Corrective Services George Angene was driving past and Maxwell used an obscene word twice.

Messine said when asked, Maxwell admitted to the facts. Probation had advised him to write a letter apologising to both the officer and the minister, she added.

“Probation does not tolerate this kind of behaviour,” Messine said.

She said Maxwell needed to be held accountable and recommended a two-month extension to his community service term.

JP Georgina Williams warned Maxwell, who admitted to the charge, that next time he returned to the, court he would spend “six months in prison”.

She told Maxwell to respect probation officers like he respects police and to refrain from any such behaviour.