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23 January 2021

Drunk burgler ‘can’t remember’ violating tourist’s privacy

Wednesday 1 April 2020 | Written by Losirene Lacanivalu | Published in Crime


A drunk young woman has been jailed after breaking into a motel room and alarming the tourist there.

But when questioned, she said she could not remember anything.

Teaumetua Araipu, 22, a repeat offender, was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment.

Araipu admitted burglary and eight counts of contempt of court.

On April 24 last year at Arorangi, Araipu entered a motel intending to steal from the room – but she was interrupted.

Justice of the Peace Carmen Temata said the guest found her heavily intoxicated and police arrested her.

Temata said nothing was taken from the motel.

Araipu also breached court orders, including consuming alcohol to failing to follow hew curfew.

Araipu’s contempt of court charges showed that she had no respect for the law, Temata said.

She had violated the privacy of a tourist, who was a guest to the Cook Islands.

But due to the lack of support from Araipu’s family, she had no home.

Araipu is to spend 12 months in jail and a month each for contempt of court. These are to be served concurrently.