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Driving offences increase

Monday 16 March 2020 | Written by Melina Etches | Published in Crime


Police prevented 19 people from driving over the weekend as a result of alcohol consumption.

Five people were transported to Arorangi Prison after being arrested and charged for drink driving offences.

Police spokesperson Trevor Pitt said Friday night traffic woes have hit the start of the weekend again as more drivers were carted to prison on holding charges.

“Unfortunately, this pattern of driving behaviour is continuing to reflect a ‘couldn’t care less’ attitude towards drinking and driving - thereby putting at risk everyone on the road,” Pitt said.

“A minority of drivers render our roads unsafe, especially in the late night and early morning hours.”

A motorcyclist and a car driver were involved in a crash at Atupa on Friday night. Both were brought to police headquarters, and were arrested after testing over the legal limit.

The driver of a car was arrested and held in prison after failing a breathalyser, at a traffic checkpoint.

A further driver was tested over the limit but is awaiting the result of a blood specimen analysis.

Two more drivers were added to the roster of arrests on charges of exceeding the alcohol limit on Saturday night. They were transported to Arorangi Prison.

Police also prevented 19 people from driving as a result of alcohol consumption.

Trevor Pitt earlier said while the debate in the community about drinking and driving continues, and messages around safer driving are ignored week to week.

He also said police are grappling with ongoing resource constraints.

“Anyone falling foul of the law and subject to arrest will risk lock-up time in Arorangi Prison, for the immediate term. Police are now processing offenders to be held at the prison for up to 48 hours, due to maintenance needs at national headquarters.”