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Crash hospitalises pregnant woman

Saturday 12 May 2018 | Published in Crime


A pregnant woman was hospitalised after a motorcycle crash in Tupapa on Thursday night.

The crash occurred near the TEM Store, and police said the motorcycle the woman was driving was struck from behind by two males travelling on a motorcycle. The male passenger suffered “minor abrasions” according to the police.

The male driver was subsequently breathalysed following the incident. The test revealed he was “two and a half” times over the legal breath-alcohol limit. The man was arrested and placed in lock-up.

Meanwhile, a man holidaying on Rarotonga died on Wednesday night, police have confirmed.

The “sudden death” of a male visiting from New Zealand had been reported to them by the Ministry of Health on Wednesday evening, a police spokesman said.

A doctor was awaiting test results before a cause of death could be confirmed, the spokesman said.

On the same night another visitor was evacuated to New Zealand by air ambulance after suffering a heart attack earlier in the day.