Challenge to sacks of drugs case

Tuesday 16 June 2020 | Written by Losirene Lacanivalu | Published in Crime


Police have been put on notice of an application to drop charges against an alleged drug dealer, amid concerns the prosecution is “shaky”.

Defence lawyer Norman George has challenged prosecution to ensure that their evidence and investigations are thorough before he challenges the charges against his client.

Accused drug dealer Teina Ataera Junior was granted bail a week ago, after the Chief Justice Sir Hugh Williams approved the bail application made by lawyer Norman George.

In the past weeks, George has requested the Courts assistance for his client to be removed from a maximum holding cell at the Arorangi Prison – but this request and bail application could only be made to a judge.

Ataera faces a charge in possession of cannabis, possession of utensil, possession of cannabis for the purpose of supply and obstructing police.

George argues that the case was going to fail, alleging that the drugs found in the property of Ataera were not his.

He said police arrived at the defendant’s home and discovered a quantity of the drugs in his car.

He alleged that a group of boys who went hiking at the Raemaru Mountain, that day discovered two large sacks loaded with utensils and cannabis, and they took these sacks and dropped it at the defendant’s compound – because the defendant lived closer to hiking area.

He said: “Five weeks from today, I have told the Crown and I am giving police four weeks to get their evidence because their case is on shaky grounds. And if they are unsuccessful, I will make another application for dismissal of the charges.”

The case has been adjourned to a call over to July 16.