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23 January 2021

Dads must step up

Friday 30 August 2019 | Written by Losirene Lacanivalu | Published in Church Talk


Dads must step up
Pastor Levi Time with New Life Church pastor Nga Pouao and Pastor Enele Adriu Ligairi. 19082901

Give your children a present on Father’s Day, a church leader tells the country’s dads, by taking responsibility as parents.

Travelling to Rarotonga, Pastor Levi Time sat next to a young man who was coming to celebrate his son’s one-year birthday.

“I asked if he married the child’s mum, to which he responded, no. Later he told me he had another child here who was about to be born.”

He said this was something that was becoming common: a fatherless generation.

“I told him, who will carry them when they lift up their hands to be carried, those children need comfort, encouragement, they want to hear their father’s voice, there is no fatherly advice. All they see is women, a mother figure, no father figure.”

Growing up in a fatherless home can be hard on a child, Pastor Time says. He’s currently over from Auckland, New Zealand, to preach at the Cook Islands New Life Christian Church with Pastor Enele Adriu Ligairi and the church’s senior pastor Nga Pouao.

He is here with Pastor Ligairi for the three-day conference that started last night marking the 13th birthday of the church, the 20th anniversary of the Christian Mission Fellowship and, most of all, Father’s Day.

He said every father has a responsibility to hug their child, to see to their needs, to share a father’s love. A child should never feel rejected.

The message for this Father’s Day is ensuring your children feel that fatherly love, and Pastor Time said: “There are many leaders but less fathers. The world today is looking for fathers, where are the fathers? In the last generation our fathers had something to share and they made sure we reach somewhere, how about this generation?”

Pastor Pouao said their Father’s Day message was about honouring their forefathers and what they have done.

“We have a calling with a purpose. البحث عن xnxx فيديو؟ الآلاف من HD جودة مقاطع الجنسية على sexjk.com We honour our fathers and I have a great honour for my forefathers and my brother and fathers from other churches, we learn a lot from them.”

The church conference ends tomorrow with the morning service starting at 6am. Tonight the service is from 6pm, and everyone is encouraged to attend the programme of praise and worship and healing prayers.

Pastor Nga Pouao says the theme of the conference is empowerment and they hope to encourage the church and the people to spread the gospel of God.

The conference will also focus on clearing denomination barriers and reigniting the fire to set the platform to share the word and win souls for God.