Churchtalk: What on earth do you expect?

Saturday 26 April 2014 | Published in Church Talk


Churchtalk: What on earth do you expect?

It is time to increase our expectation in Jesus Christ who wants to move now.

We determine a breakthrough by the level of stretch:

Paul said, “I press towards the prize”. We need to extend ourselves beyond our natural capabilities and go beyond what I can do without God. Forgiveness can be a stretch, giving can be a stretch, loving can be a stretch, taking risks can be a stretch. Attempting to do greater things is one of the secrets to growth. For a lot of people, their faith capacity is small. This is because they have failed to exercise faith and step out. In Mark 3:3 it says, -“Arise - stretch out your hand”. Notice the miracle came in the stretch. Many Christians sit back and wait for God to do something amazing in their lives – but the question we need to ask ourselves is. What has God specifically asked me to do? The breakthrough is always in the stretching out and following through.

We determine our expectation by raising it:

Our expectations have a clear, profound and powerful effect on what happens in our life. Jesus said, “Whatsoever things you desire when you pray, believe” –Mark 11:24.

God seeks expectation and anticipation from us. God is not moved by discouragement and low expectation - but He always responds to faith in Him. Faith is the collateral of Heaven. Some people connect to God through culture, some through intellect and others through socialism - but we must connect to God by the Spirit of God – through faith in Christ.

We must remember faith is not found in following specific formulas or following certain steps and some trendy principles, but like righteousness faith is found in a person - Jesus. In pursuing Jesus, faith will arise in our Spirit as He is the author of it. When we ‘lose’ our faith, we need to identify what and who we are connecting too. We can dramatically raise our faith level by connecting genuinely with Jesus.

Our expectation serves as a powerful attractive force:

Our expectation is like a magnet that can attract powerful spiritual forces. Our expectations in life can attract either God or the enemy. That is why Joshua said – “choose life”, When we make a commitment to something often we fail to realise that God resources our commitments and brings supply. On the contrary, if we make a destructive decision even as Christians, the enemy can also resource it and build negative outcomes around our lives based upon our wrong choices.

Mark 5:28 –“If I touch Him, I shall be made well”. The woman with the issue of blood pushed past social stigma and set herself up for her own miracle from Jesus. God is not attracted to negativity, discouragement and unbelief. He is attracted to what is His – faith.

Our expectations should be specific:

Very little happens or changes unless we are specific – “We are to make our requests known”

Jesus said in Mark 10:51 – “What do you want that I should do to you”? Many come to God vague and fuzzy - which may sound spiritual but is actually empty. God always works with substance - Faith is the substance and is the make-up of things hoped for. Biblical Faith by nature is always specific. James puts it this way – “we have not because we ask not”.

Our expectation can be lost:

The truth is many live daily with no faith expectation on God to move on their behalf. To them the day is just another mundane drag.. However, we fail to really make a profound impact on life when we close God out of our daily life. We actually rob people of what God can do through us. When there is little to no expectation, the supernatural is at such a low level and we are forced to live well below from what God intends.

Our expectations can grow:

Let’s reach a point where we will not live for anything less than what God has planned for our lives as outlined in His Word. Sadly, the standard of expectation in most lives has been dramatically lowered for healing, financial breakthrough and victorious living over sin. Some deliberately emphasise less to avoid disappointment. This is wrong. God’s purpose is not for us to limp into Heaven saying, “we just made it” – No! Jesus expects us to live victorious here and now and change the world around us. We will never move into God’s planned living until we are dissatisfied with mediocrity.

What to do...

Mix with people who will stretch you.

See victory in the trial by resisting misery and a victim mentality.

Grow through taking big faith steps – the individual who refuses to step out until fear is gone shall remain.

Decide to grow and accept more responsibility.

Refuse to remain in a zone where you are not being stretched.

Pastor Jonathan Cargill,

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