It’s the final touchdown

Wednesday June 10, 2020 Written by Published in Touch Rugby

Favourites 007 and KAPS will put all their effort and skills on the ground today to prove themselves for the Vodafone mixed touch competition grand final today.

The match is expected to be fast and scores are expected to be close, says Cook Islands Touch president Daphnie Brown.

The 007 side topped the weekly competition as they thumped Mangaia 7-2 to reach the final.

KAPS played a calm match and managed to defeat ICI transformers 7-5 in the semi final to reach the final competition.

The Mixed touch Competition also ends today with the plate finals between BSP and Vodafone.

Last week, bankers BSP put out all their effort to beat ATT youngsters and won 4-1, while Vodafone had too much speed and skills against Taporoporo and also won 4-1.

Brown said the kick-off will be BSP and Vodafone, followed by the Cup final between 007 and KAPS. 

Prizegiving would be held straight after the finals, and she wished the teams the best of luck. 


BSP vs Vodafone (Plate Final, field 1)
Tuanga Taporoporo vs Team ATT (field 2)

007 vs KAPS (Cup Final, field 1)
ICI Transformers vs Mangaia (field 2)

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