Germinators, Nukz Power lead open Touch competition

Monday March 02, 2020 Written by Published in Touch Rugby

An exciting round of Touch competition is expected today at Nikao field.


The weekly Vodafone-sponsored competition continues to gain momentum with some tough and thrilling encounters between the participating teams.

Despite the wet weather last week, a good turnout of teams was recorded in the open’s competition which was held on Monday.

The opening match of the round was between Rakahanga and Germinators.

The experience from Andy Kapi and his team showed with patience and skills. Knowing the weather was wet and muddy, they kept the game close and played with caution.

The Rakahanga team had heart and speed but not enough to outrun the skilled players from Germinators.

Credit to Toka Hagai for developing a young Rakahanga side which may cause problems in the second round.

In the feature women’s match, Bounty took on FBI. Both teams were evenly matched with experienced players, young flare and heart.

FBI had a number of national reps from a number of codes which might have given them the edge to come away with a point victory.

Young Pare from Bounty Hunters kept driving through the middle a number of times to almost score but FBI were pretty strong on defence. 

A full game of 30 minutes requires a foundation of good fitness to be able to attack and defend but the wet conditions did not help.

In the other women’s match, Nukz Power again managed to pip their opposition Nikz 5-4.

Nukz scored in the first minute using their fifth and final roll ball through Rima Browne.

Young Tashi Kopu was then able to score her first ever try to give them 2-0 lead.

Nikz equalised to make the match more interesting. But the experience from Julz Westrupp helped Nukz Power win the match.

Both teams played well defensively, just a few silly drop balls being the spoiler in most cases.

Young Nikz player Kaiya Atai stood out from time to time which caused upset for Nukz Power.

Meanwhile in the other men’s match, GAT, led by Puna Hiro, thumped a young ATT side 9-3.


5pm Field 1 FBI-NIKS (w), 5.45pm Field 1 Rakahanga-GAT (m), Field 2 Germinators-Team ATT (m), 6.15pm Nukz Power-Bounty Hunters (w)       


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