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GAT wins through to Touch final

Wednesday April 17, 2019 Written by Published in Touch Rugby

The Bluesky men’s competition kicked off with GAT playing Team ATT at Nikao field on Monday. 


The GAT team had just enough speed and skill to make it a tough afternoon for the youthful ATT team. A yard more pace and a split second in reacting was all the difference between scoring and being shut out.

Both teams played with speed but GAT had another gear to win the game easily by 9-1.

In the second game, the Germinators took on the fourth placed Nines Squad who were bolstered by a couple of ring-ins. 

It made the game very entertaining with both sides scoring tries tit for tat. 

The game went on to seven-all however the Germinators winning by default over the extra players by the Nines team.

Next week’s finals on Easter Monday from 5pm will see the Germinators take on the GAT at 5.35pm for the tournament trophy, while the Team ATT take on the Nines for 3rd/4th place at 5pm.

Today is the semi-finals for the Bluesky Mixed Competition.

A reminder to all teams that players must have played three round games in order to play in the playoffs and finals. 

-CI Touch



Today – 5pm Field 1 ICI Transformers-KAPS, Field 2 Bluesky-General Transport; 5.30pm Field 1 Mangaia-Airport, Field 2 007-Team ATT.


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