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Touch skill on show

Monday April 08, 2019 Written by Published in Touch Rugby

Tereora faced its toughest match of the season playing against the Touch Squad who were practising their Pacific Games moves to score at will last week.  However, a brilliant intercept from Tereora’s Tupa Tupa put a dent in the Touch Squad armour amidst a huge cheer from the spectators. Touch Squad went on to win by 9 to 1.


The second game between ICI and General Transport showed a difference in style and skill. Both teams have speedsters but ICI were more disciplined and played to a game plan.  ICI were too good in the end winning by 9 to GT’s 2.

In another one-sided affair the Andy Kapi led 007 was just too strong for Airport winning easily 13-2. 

The game of the day was between Bluesky and Team ATT. The score did not reflect the intensity of the game. Both teams were driving well with solid defence coming from Bluesky led by Donald Munro. A perfect draw and pass saw ATT score and take the lead, forcing Bluesky to play a catch up game.  Not giving up, Bluesky continued to press ATT. Miscommunication on the 5 saw Bluesky size up the confusion to throw a sneaky dummy pass to open the ATT gap and score spectacularly. However, the speed and agility of the youthful ATT boys of Graham, Mattroy and Junior were too much over a tiring Bluesky, which kept ATT in front winning solidly 10-6.

This week sees the Bluesky women’s competition play their grand finals.

  - CI Touch


Tereora 1 Touch Squad 9, ICI Transformers 9 General Transport 2, 007 13 Airport 2, Team ATT 10 Bluesky 6, KAPS 9 Mangaia 3


5pm Field 1 Bounty Hunters-NukzPower (w), Field 2 Team ATT-Nines (w); 5.35pm Field 1 NIKS-FBI (women’s final), Field 2 GAT-Nines Squad (m); 6.10pm Field 1 Kuki Squad-Germinators (m)


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