Another tough round of Touch

Monday March 04, 2019 Written by Published in Touch Rugby
The open women’s touch competition will be held this afternoon. 19030347 The open women’s touch competition will be held this afternoon. 19030347

A rather hot afternoon did not deter a determined Tereora#cozwecan who took on the mighty Mangaia in the Mixed Bluesky Touch Competition on Wednesday last week.


Some quick plays and dives from the five metre line saw Tereora catch Mangaia offside to nab some early points in the first half at Nikao Field. But Mangaia came back playing steadily to win convincingly 8-2. 

A big thumbs up to team Bluesky who took on an experienced team 007 and were able to break the 007 defence to score a try. Team 007 won easily 9-1.

The second Bluesky mixed game of the afternoon was a tit for tat one between General Transport and KAPS. Keeping its cool, KAPS held out General Transport to win by two points. Final score 6-4.  

The Bluesky game of the day was between youngsters Team ATT and last season’s winners ICI Transformers.

ICI started the game short of players and were able to take the field with four players and continued this way for the first half of the game. Therefore, ICI needed to play the game smartly. 

Under the guidance of Puna Hiro the ICI men defended well working hard to cover both sides of the field and rotating with one sub to slow up the Team ATT attack.

The player of the match had to go to young Toru Mateariki who chased down from one side of the field a flying Team ATT in for a definite try.

The handover saw ICI move the ball around and finally landing into the trusty hands of Mateariki who gassed it down the field to respond with a try of his own. He went on to score two more runaway tries to round off the night with three personal tries. 

Team ATT continued to attack well but were unable to break the ICI defence. ICI won 6-2.

In the last round games of the evening saw newcomers to touch and sporting their new uniform was team Airport who impressed with a solid performance. However the experience of the Touch Squad proved a handful winning 8-0.

The open men’s and women’s competition will be held this afternoon.



5pm Field 1 Team ATT-Germinators (m), Field 2 Bounty Hunters-NIKS (w); 

5.35pm Field 1 FBI-NukzPower (w), Field 2 GAT-Nines Squad (m); 6.10pm Field 1 Team ATT-Kuki Squad (m)

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