Six teams set for muster games

Wednesday January 30, 2019 Written by Published in Touch Rugby
Six teams set for muster games

Six teams have been confirmed for the opening round of the Bluesky Touch muster games today.


Team ATT, Kukis Women’s Squad, Bluesky, Pozo’s, Nukz Power and The Rest will set the ball flying for the 2019 Touch season.

Eight games will be played but slots are available for an additional two matches.

The muster games are to provide an opportunity for teams wanting to have warm up games and play an opposition in a friendly match and were initially to be played at Nikao field. The venue has now changed to the BCI Stadium.

Cook Islands Touch president Daphne Brown said anyone wanting to try out the sport was welcomed to attend the muster games.

“The muster games will begin at 5.15pm and everyone is welcomed. The muster games are open to any team keen to have a friendly warm up game before the full season of Touch begins,” Brown said.

“Anyone who is interested in playing and not in a team is welcome to rock up and join the muster.”

Brown said the muster games was open for all teams including women’s, men’s and mixed.

“This is also a chance for teams to finalise their players. The muster is also a chance for anyone interested and wanting to play but not in a team to come and have a run and join a team.”

Brown said they were hoping to start the competition proper from February 4.

The Bluesky touch competition will be played over two nights – Mondays for open men’s and women’s and Wednesday nights for mixed.

“For teams that have yet to register for the season competition, registration is still open and the person to contact is Julz Westrupp on 55055,” Brown said.

“For any team that is not in (today’s) draw can contact Julz and your team can be slotted into the draw for a friendly game.”



5.15pm Field 1 - Team ATT-Kukis Women’s Squad (m), 5.15pm Field 2 – Available, 5:35pm Field 1 – Bluesky-Pozo's Team (mx), 5.35pm Field 2 - Nukz Power-Kuki Women’s, 5.55pm Field 1 Team ATT-The Rest (mx), 5.55pm Field 2 Available.

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