Final mixed touch round tomorrow

Tuesday April 03, 2018 Written by Published in Touch Rugby

Last Wednesday was a hot afternoon for the Bluesky Mixed Touch Competition, which is now heading into round eight tomorrow.


The first teams to take the field were the top of the table ICI Transformers playing a pumped-up Mangaia.

Both teams used their settles and quick hands well to score tries, ending the game in a five-all draw, while it was a win by default to NukzPower over Elegi, five to zero.

A good game was played by two evenly matched teams, Team Transport and Foodland.

Team Transport managed to convert the few scoring opportunities they had however, despite persistent attacking plays from Foodland, who failed to score on a number of occasions. The game finished with Team Transport winning 5-3.

Team 007 continued their winning streak as they set their sights on a top-four finish, winning their match against Team ATT six touchdowns to two.

Despite the scoreline, the ATT youngsters strung together some good plays and moved the ball well but needed to polish up their finishing.

An excellent game was played by Live Smart and the ‘never say die’ Aroa T Bags team.

The game was a feast of tries from both sides, but it was the calming influence of veteran Pare Tangata that got her Live Smart team ahead, her individual experience on the five-metre mark allowing the team to post valuable points on the board.

The final result saw Live Smart score nine tries to Aroa T Bags’ five.

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5.00pm: Field 1 - ICI Transformers v NukzPower (mx). 5.30pm: Field 1 - Team ATT v Elegi (mx), Field 2 - Foodland v Aroa T Bags (mx). 6.00pm: Field 1 - Team Transport v Mangaia (mx), Field 2 - Live Smart v 007 (mx).

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