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Touch battle heating up at Nikao

Wednesday February 28, 2018 Written by Published in Touch Rugby
Tonight’s games will feature teams from the mixed competition, as well as a catch-up game for the men. 18022722 Tonight’s games will feature teams from the mixed competition, as well as a catch-up game for the men. 18022722

Monday saw some thrilling clashes across the board in the Bluesky Women’s touch competition at Nikao Field.

First up for the hot afternoon, competition leaders NukzPower versus an improving FBI Green.

It was NukzPower that opened the game with the first try, but FBI Green fought back and worked hard to get into the attacking zone.

From a quick scoop Poko Tangata broke the NukzPower line and offloaded to Simone Nicholas, who crossed the try line to equalise the score.

From a NukzPower turnover, the quick-thinking Hinnah Tatuava of FBI Green took her chance and ran at a retiring NukzPower defender, managing to slip past her, into a gap and down the sideline to score FBI Green’s second try.

With their tails up FBI Green scored again through some individual effort by Nicholas.

In the second half NukzPower regrouped and the game continued in a back and forth fashion until a long pass from playmaker Julz Westrup to Celia Tearea on the wing got NukzPower back into the game.

A lapse in the FBI defence saw NukzPower speedster Apii Vavia gas through a gaping hole to cross the try line to again equalise the game.

The game continued with intensity and ended in a three-all draw.

As expected the Bounty Hunters and FBI Reds were on equal footing, and the game was for either one to take.

It was FBI Reds that got the first points on the board however.

Unfazed, Bounty Hunters settled well and broke the FBI Reds’ defence to score.

Both teams worked hard on attack and defence, trading a further two touchdowns and going into the halftime break with a score of two-all.

Coming back from halftime, Bounty Hunters rallied with strong, hard drives to gain yards before getting the ball out to Tini Tararo, who crossed the line to give them the lead.

But the FBI Reds bounced back and replied with a runaway try from their speedster Teretia Teinaki to equalise the game.

The match continued with a barrage of attack and defence from both teams – one would score and then the next one would catch up and equalise.

Then, heading into the dying minutes of the game, a clever offload to their star finisher Mele Poaru saw the Bounty Hunters snatch the lead to seal the win by four touchdowns to three.

Outstanding performances were seen from three youngsters – Pare Noovao of Bounty Hunters, driving hard on attack and defending strongly, and Teretia and Paeru Ngaroi from FBI Reds, who were both strong in defence and attack.

In the men’s competition, due to work commitments Team Transport and GAT agreed to postpone their game to a later round.

For the Germinators, it was business as usual against Team ATT.

The tenacious youngsters of Team ATT threw everything at the Germinators, putting up a good fight.

But the Germinators proved too strong, playing with structure and polish on their set plays, and taking out the match nine touchdowns to four.

The Germinators’ generals should be very pleased with the performance of their young team.

Team Transport and Team ATT will play their catch-up game from Monday, February 19, tonight at 5pm during the Bluesky Mixed Competition.

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