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Touch continues after rain delay

Monday February 26, 2018 Written by Published in Touch Rugby

The Bluesky Touch competition will continue in earnest today, after Wednesday’s session was cancelled due to rain.

The women are well into their second round of games.

Leading the competition is NukzPower, who boast an impeccable record of no losses and currently sit with eight points on the table at the end of round one.

In second place is the youngsters FBI Green on six points, followed by FBI Reds and Bounty Hunters on five points each.

Meanwhile, the men continue with their last games for the first round today.

Last week’s postponed games are scheduled to be played this week, starting with Team Transport and Team ATT on Wednesday (February 28), while GAT and Manatoa catch up during the March 12 round games.

Manatoa will not play this week, as they are on a bye.

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5.00pm: Field 1 - FBI Green vs NukzPower (w), 5.35pm: Field 1 - Germinators vs Team ATT (m), Field 2 - FBI Reds vs Bounty Hunters (w), 6.15pm: Field 1 - GAT vs Team Transport (m).

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