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Touch teams evenly matched

Wednesday February 14, 2018 Written by Published in Touch Rugby

Conditions were cool and wet at Nikao for the third round of the Bluesky men and women’s touch competition.


The men’s game between Manatoa and Team ATT was a win by default to Team ATT, as Manatoa was unable to field the number of players required.

Germinators and Team Transport then kicked off in an evenly matched contest.

It was an excellent, high-scoring tit-for-tat game ending in a five-all draw.

The final men’s match was an excellent display of passing skills with few dropped balls, despite the trying conditions.

Manatoa, now at full strength, squared off against GAT, and both went full tilt in search of a win. GAT played a driving game, while Manatoa relied on moving the ball from end to end to open the strong GAT defence.

Manatoa was ultimately able to triumph 2-0 over GAT.

In the opening women’s game between NukzPower and FBI Reds it took the individual skill of veteran Julz Westrupp to break the FBI defence and score first, with another quickly added to open up a 2-0 lead.

But after a shaky start the FBI team settled down and put the pressure on to unsettle Nukz thanks to tenacious defence by youngsters Teretia and Tepaeru.

The arrival of the FBI Reds reinforcements boosted their attack, and in a furious finish they came back to score two touchdowns, ending the game in a two-all draw.

In the final women’s match, both the youthful FBI Green team and Bounty Hunters came out firing.

Each settled well but it was FBI Green that found its feet.

A well-timed offload from Shar Atai landed in the hands of speedy Poko Tangata, who scooted around the Bounty Hunters defence to give FBI Green the lead going into halftime. Later, Tangata pulled off another try from general play.

Not letting up, a determined Bounty Hunters mounted pressure and caught their opponents offside, managing to slide across the try line to get points on the board.

FBI Green dug deep however and worked hard on defence to hold off Bounty Hunters, maintaining their narrow lead and winning two touchdowns to one.


5.00pm: Field 1 - ICI Transformers v Team Transport (mx); 5.30pm: Field 1 - Foodland v Team ATT (mx), Field 2 - Mangaia v 007 (mx); 6.00pm: Field 1 - NukzPower v Aroa T-Bags (mx), Field 2 - Elegi v LiveSmart (mx).

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