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Controversial touch win for Foodland

Monday February 05, 2018 Written by Published in Touch Rugby
The match between Foodland and last season’s mixed champions 007 went right down to the wire. 18020402 The match between Foodland and last season’s mixed champions 007 went right down to the wire. 18020402

Last Wednesday at the Nikao sports field saw an exciting round of games in the Bluesky Touch Competition.


Kicking off the evening was a catch-up men’s game between men’s competition newcomers Team ATT and Manatoa.

Team ATT is a young side with a couple of old heads, and they played a solid game of basics, driving well under the guidance of Roimata Peraua to get a roll on and gain solid yardage.

However, the fitness and experience of Manatoa proved too much for them, Manatoa besting Team ATT five to two.

The first mixed game of the afternoon was an exciting match of skill and flair between the seasoned ICI Transformers and newcomers Elegi.

Lacking players, Elegi were unable to keep up and eventually ran out of steam, yielding seven touchdowns while only scoring four.

NukzPower squared off against Team Transport in the evening’s second mixed match.

A solid defensive game plan from NukzPower caused frustration for Team Transport.

The Team Transport speedsters only managed to cross the try line twice, falling well short of their opponent’s six.

Aroa T Bags, looking flash in their new uniform, wasted no time in settling into their game against Mangaia, scoring some quick, slick tries from lapses in their rivals’ defence.

Having missed the muster games earlier this year, Mangaia took some time to find its rhythm, and will no doubt come back stronger now they’ve got some game time under their belts.

Aroa T Bags won convincingly six tries to Mangaia’s two, and are looking like the team to beat.

The last two matches of the day were absolute thrillers, the first being a see-saw affair played between Team ATT and HHS Live Smart.

Trading tries like they were Wall Street stocks, both teams proved they were evenly matched in skills, showing off their fancy footwork and speed.

However, the early points posted by Team ATT kept them ahead at the final whistle, scoring seven tries to HHS Live Smart’s six.

Completing the day was a gangbusters clash between Foodland and last season’s mixed champions 007.

Both teams were hungry for the win and threw everything at each other.

Neither side backed down, and the ending was controversial as the only thing separating them was a try that was not awarded, giving the victory to Foodland, four tries to three.

Tonight’s matches begin at 5pm.      

Draw: 5.00pm: Field 1 - Germinators v Manatoa (m); 5.30pm: Field 1 - GAT v Team ATT (m), Field 2 - FBI Red v Bounty Hunters (w); 6.00pm: Field 1 - Manatoa v Team Transport (m), Field 2 - FBI Green v NukzPower (w).

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