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Mitiaro win touch rugby in fine style

Wednesday October 18, 2017 Written by Published in Touch Rugby

Hosts Mitiaro won the Open Women touch rugby competition in resounding fashion at the 2017 Manea Games yesterday.


From the outset Mitiaro looked ready for goal, running up nine points to nothing against their Atiu opponents early yesterday morning.

In fact, they were so dominant that they only conceded two points over their four games, to Mangaia and Aitutaki, teams that they both beat by four points.

Mitiaro also defeated Mauke four points to nothing, giving them a points differential of 21.

Coming in second was Aitutaki with two wins, one draw and one loss, with their four to three win over Mangaia being especially noteworthy.

And although Mangaia lost the close one to Aitutaki, they were still rewarded with the bronze medal for third place.

They had a 50 per cent record, though they did display their talent when they scored eight times against Atiu.

Meanwhile, in the Open Men’s category, Aitutaki continues to rack up gold medals, though it was not a runaway victory.

They won a number of close matches, and even drew their final match against Atiu three all.

That final match was to decide who would claim the gold medal, as Atiu claimed the silver medal.

Mangaia once again claimed the bronze medal.

The rest of the touch results will be in tomorrow’s paper.

Medal table (as of Monday night)

Aitutaki – 38 gold, 23 silver, 19 bronze (80 total). Mangaia – 17 gold, 21 silver, 19 bronze (57). Mauke – 14 gold, 13 silver, 15 bronze (42). Mitiaro – 10 gold, 24 silver, 24 bronze (58). Atiu – 9 gold, 7 silver, 11 bronze (27).


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