Touch semis set for today

Wednesday March 23, 2016 Written by Published in Touch Rugby

The postponed men’s and women’s touch rugby semi-finals will be played today at Nikao Field.


The matches, which were to have been held last week, were postponed to Monday but wet weather forced further deferment of the clashes. These matches will replace the mixed grade final had been scheduled for today. Cook Islands Touch Association president Daphne Brown said they were hoping for a better weather today.

“There will be no mixed games - instead we will play the men’s and women’s semi-finals that will then allow us to run all the finals next week,” she said.The mixed games will be played on Wednesday next week.”

In the open women’s semi-finals, 2 Sharp will take on FBI and Nukz Power will play Bounty Hunters while Airport Jetz faces Quick Eze and Manatoa will battle Germinators in the men’s semis.

The mixed grade final will be played between defending champions 007 and Southcoast Scorpions.

This after 007 defeated Nukz Power 7-2 while Southcoast Scorpions overcame ICI 4-3 in the semi-finals last week.     

Fixtures (Today) 5pm 2 Sharp (w)-FBI (w); 5:40pm Field 1 Nukz Power (w)-Bounty Hunters (w), Field 2 Airport Jetz (m)-Quick Eze (m); 6:20pm Manatoa (m)-Germinators (m)

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