Touch rugby on the road to finals

Monday March 16, 2015 Written by Published in Touch Rugby

Today’s quarter final games of the open men’s and women’s touch rugby tournament mark the start of the road to the finals.

In the men’s division, top of the table team Tepuka Brothers will take a break from today’s quarter finals games and look ahead to next week’s semi- finals, while the rest of the men’s teams battle today for a spot in the semis.

The young Germinators came second on the points table and will face bottom of the table Manatoa, while the Tepuka Smurfs, who placed third, will meet the fit Under 20 side.

In the women’s division, a feisty battle is expected between the Bounty Hunters and Nukz Power, while it will be a battle of speed between the Lifters and South Coast.

Games at the Nikao field today start at 5pm and fans are sure to be in for an action-packed afternoon.  

5pm on field one (women) Bounty Hunters vs Nukz Power, 5pm on field two (women) Lifters vs South Coast, 5.30pm on field one (men) Germinators vs Manatoa, 5.30apm on field two (women) FBI vs Vaine Toa, 6pm on field one (men) Day Boyz vs Nukz Power, 6pm on field two (men) Tumeke Smurfs vs Under 20.   

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