Smurfs play twice

Monday February 23, 2015 Written by Published in Touch Rugby

Tumeke Smurfs will play twice in this afternoon’s touch rugby games at Nikao field.

They will face the in-form Tepuka Brothers first up at 5pm, before taking on team Manatoa at 6.30pm.

All are welcome to get along to Nikao field to catch the dynamic display of athleticism that is touch rugby.


Today’s draw – 5pm on field one (women) Nukz Power vs South Coast, 5pm on field two (men) Tepuka Brothers vs Tumeke Smurfs, 5.30pm on field one (men) Da Boyz vs Germinators, 5.30pm on field two (women) FBI vs Vaine Toa (w), 6pm on field one (men) Nukz Power vs Under 20s, 6pm on field two (women) Bounty Hunters vs Lifters, 6.30pm on field one (men) Tumeke Smurfs vs Manatoa

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