Slick skills, speed at touch rugby

Wednesday February 04, 2015 Written by Published in Touch Rugby
A young Nukzpower talent puts pedal to the metal against the Tepuka Brothers.  15020307 A young Nukzpower talent puts pedal to the metal against the Tepuka Brothers. 15020307

Slick ball handling skills and speed were the feature of Monday’s open men and women’s touch rugby games, with more of the same action sure to be seen in today’s mixed division matches.

It is still early in the season, but the FBI women's team showed they have the ingredients to win as they edged out their equally slick opponent the Lifters 5-4. 

However it was the Lifters, lead by touch stalwarts Julz Westrupp and Tai Cummings who showed real class and experience, signalling they will be a force to be reckoned with this season.

In the men’s division the men from Mitiaro in the NukzPower side showed great potential. However, despite their tenacious efforts, it was opponents Tepuka Brothers who were in try-scoring mode, racking up the points to dominate the match and win 6-0.

The women’s Nukzpower team were again in flying form, but opponents Vaine Toa lived up to their names to take out the match 9-4. 

The Tepuka Brothers took to the field later in the afternoon for their second match and still looked fresh to once again dominate on the field and win 6-2 against a never-say-die Da Boyz side.

The fit Germinators were also in try scoring mode, easily overcoming the Tumeke Smurfs 7-4, while team Manatoa edged out the young Under 20 rugby team 5-4.

The surprise loss of the day could be the first and last for the talent-packed Bounty Hunters who went down to the feisty South Coast Scorpions 5-3.

However, there is little time for post-mortems as teams now focus on the dynamic division that is the mixed competition kicking off at 5pm at the Nikao field today.

This week, team Bench Warmers will play two games starting at 5pm against the crew from NES then again at 6.20pm against Aroa Bay.  


Today’s draw – 5pm on field one Mongoose vs TCI, 5pm on field two NES vs Bench Warmers, 5.40pm on field one OO7 vs Nukz Power, 5.40pm on field two Tapeez vs ICI,  6.20pm on field one Bench Warmers vs Aroa Bay, 6.20pm on field two MFEM vs South Coast Scorpions.   

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