Last chance to dust of cobwebs

Monday January 19, 2015 Written by Published in Touch Rugby
Last chance to  dust of cobwebs

Today sees the final muster games for the men’s and women’s touch rugby competition which will kick into action next week.

The two-week muster has been an opportunity for teams to sort themselves out, register and finalise numbers and for players to join a team.

From next week on,  all points matter.

While the last two weeks have been a time to dust off the cobwebs, athletes seem to be energetic and eager to hit the field, making for a fast and furious start to the sporting year.

Today’s games again will be played at the Nikao field starting at 5pm.

If you want to play touch, grab your boots and get up to the field and join a team – all are welcome.

The energetic games are full of action and all spectators are also welcome to take in the show from the shady trees at the top of the field.  

Today’s draw – 5pm on field one (men) NukzPower vs Tumeke Smurf, 5pm on field two (women) FBI vs Lifters, 5.40pm on field one (women) Bounty Hunters vs Nukzpower, 5.40pm on field two (men) Germinators vs Da Boyz, 6.20pm on field one (men) Manatoa vs Under 20 Rugby, 6.20pm on field two (men) Conrad vs NukzPower. 

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