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Wednesday April 09, 2014 Written by Published in Touch Rugby
A Nukz Power gun touch player sidesteps a touch and powers it to the try line.  14040826 A Nukz Power gun touch player sidesteps a touch and powers it to the try line. 14040826

While Monday’s open men’s and women’s touch rugby games marked the start of the all-important business end of the tournament, there were still plenty of laughs and risky plays seen at the Nikao field.

Top women’s team the Bounty Hunters certainly showed their dominance on the field with a classy performance over the Kimiora crew resulting in a 10-5 win.

Despite facing a tough opponent, the young Kimiora crew certainly signaled they will be a force to reckon with in the future with some determined play and skilled moves seen from the youngsters.

In the second women’s play-off match – a fiercely fought battle was seen between the FBI crew and team Kaos.

With both teams defending hard, points were hard to come by but it was the Kaos ladies that dotted down first before the young FBI guns equalised before clawing their way to a 2-1 win in the final minutes of the game.

Next week will see the young FBI side take on the mighty Bounty Hunters in the women’s grand finals while Kaos and Kimiora will play off for third and fourth place.

In the men’s tournament – Nukz Power outscored their Itiki Power brothers 7-5 while the northern group boys in Da Ropaz proved too strong for the Western Stallions winning the battle 6-1.

The men’s finals next week will see the clashes of the north and south with Da Ropaz from Manihiki/Rakahanga taking on the Nukuroa lads in Nukz power for top honours.

The Western Stallions will saddle up to takeon the Nukuroa Itiki Power men for third and fourth place.

Meanwhile, the spotlight will be squarely on the mixed touch rugby teams who will return to the field this afternoon for the final round of the competition.

Next week will see the competition play offs marking the road to the finals for mixed teams.

This evening at the Nikao field – games will kick off at 5pm. 

Get along to the Nikao field for fun, fast and furious touch rugby action where there will be food stalls to fuel players and supporters alike.

Today’s mixed draw – 5pm on field one-Justice vs Mongoose, on field two-Maritime Cook Islands vs Northern Stormers , 5:24pm on field one-Telecom vs Wackies, on field two-Tumeke Smurfs vs Live Smart, 5:48pm on field one-007 vs Nukz Power, on field two-Tereora vs Westpac, 6:12pm on field one-1 MFEM vs MFEM Kings, on field two-BCI Transactions vs MOE.

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