Atiu receive senior coaching course

Wednesday June 17, 2020 Written by Teara Ama/CIFA Media Published in Soccer
The senior football coaching course on Atiu attracted 18 participants. CIFA Media/20061606 The senior football coaching course on Atiu attracted 18 participants. CIFA Media/20061606

Cook Islands Football Association conducted a senior coaching course on the island of Atiu this month.

The four-day course which started on June 1 was conducted by Cook Islands Football’s head of coach education Tahiri Elikana.

A group of 18 participated in the course, mostly the young ones who were fresh out of school.

The course comprised of both theoretical and practical aspects which were held at a classroom and adjacent field.

Participants were determined to better their football knowledge, especially understanding the role of becoming a coach.

Some of the topics covered in the course were session planning, drills, and critical analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the game.

Tahiri Elikana said: “The entire group surprised me, to be honest. They had a great knowledge of the game which helped them a lot during the course, they were very confident during practices and knew exactly what to expect, as well as what was expected of them.”

The participants’ execution of skills and drills during the course were outstanding.

The challenge however arose when participants were asked to “coach the drill”. Participants had to keep an open mind about different ways of how to “coach” a certain skill or drill.

“Nonetheless, the group overcame that obstacle by using outside the box thinking and always asking questions to the instructor to ensure they finished the lesson with no queries remaining.”

Cook Islands Football’s goal is to share such knowledge with all the other outer islands and eventually the whole country.

It hopes when everything gets back to normal post Covid-19 period, Cook Islands will be prepared with not only amazing players but also amazing coaches who will carry the national teams to competitions worldwide.

-          Teara Ama/CIFA Media

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