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Top of the table clash in football

Saturday November 30, 2019 Written by Published in Soccer

The top two teams in the premier men’s division, Nikao Sokattak and Tupapa Maraerenga, will battle in the feature football match today.


They have been at the top of the division since the fifth round, with Tupapa leading four points ahead of Nikao Sokattak.

Today the two teams will play each other one last time in the Round Cup Championship before heading directly to the semi-finals of the CIFA Knockout Cup.

Nikao have fallen at the hands of Tupapa twice this season and will be hoping to redeem themselves in today’s match.

The match between the two sides will also serve as build-up for the knock-outs.

Playing just before the premier men at 2:30pm will be the Nikao Sokattak and Tupapa Maraerenga senior women.

Tupapa has secured the number one spot on the ladder this season while Nikao sits on fifth spot.

Nikao have not had the best season and they will be eyeing a win to give them a significant boost heading into the knock-out rounds.

Tupapa will be hoping to extend their winning run against Nikao.

-          CIFA Media



CIFA complex, Matavera: Nikao Sokattak FC vs Tupapa Maraerenga FC

12.30pm Under 14 Girl (Ref: Tahiri Elikana, Assist: Teretia Teinaki, Penina Kauke), 1.30pm Under 14 Boys (Ref: Maara Kaukura, Assist: Nicky Smith, Penina Katuke), 2.30pm Senior Women (Ref: Paul Lynch, Assist: Pierce Iripa, Tahiri Elikana), 4pm Premier Men (Ref: Maara Kaukura, Assist: Pierce Iripa, Tehainnah Tatuava).

Avatiu Field: Avatiu FC-Matavera FC 12.30pm Under 14 Girls (Ref: Lai Gukisuva, Assist: Angelina Mitchell, Junior Savage), 1.30pm Under 14 Boys (Ref: Mata Iroa, Assist: Eitiare Tangirere, Ua Savage), 2.30pm Senior Women (Ref: John Pareanga, Assist: Edmund Tupuna, Angelina Mitchell), 4pm Premier Men (Ref: Lai Gukisuva, Assist:  Mata Iroa, Edmund Tupuna)

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