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Nikao tested by Avatiu

Tuesday November 05, 2019 Written by Published in Soccer

Nikao Sokattak defeated Avatiu 3-1 in a tough premier men’s clash on Saturday.


Avatiu commenced the match short on numbers and Nikao took advantage of extra men in their side to go for an all-out attack.

Their relentless effort early into the match paid off when Julius David scored the opener in the fourth minute.

Deciding to play it safe until back up arrived, Avatiu played a defensive match to keep the visitors at bay. Nikao led 1-0 at the break.

The men in yellow came out stronger in the second half having better structure to their attacks and looked hungrier for goals despite maintaining a defensive play.

Nikao held the ball for most of the half but were put under pressure in the midfield as Avatiu marked and pressed the Nikao midfielders.

All their hard work paid off when Avatiu managed to equalise through Aturangi Putere.

Avatiu stepped up their game for the next 10-15 minutes putting Nikao under some more pressure and taking more shots at goal, but they were unable to get the lead.

Nikao managed to score two more goals through Toru Mateariki and Ronnie Sakai to win the match 3-1.


Nikao Sokattak
FC – Avatiu FC - Premier Men 3-1, Senior Women 0-0, U-17 Men 6-1, U14 Boys 1-5, U14 Girls 0-1, U11 Mixed 1-1, U9 Mixed 0-0, U7 Mixed 2-0; Puaikura FC – Matavera-Ngatangiia FC – Premier Men 0-3, Senior Women 2-0, U-17 Men’s 5-0, U14 Boys 18-0, U14 Girls 2-0, U11 Mixed 2-0, U9 Mixed 5-0, U7 Mixed 3-1; Tupapa Maraerenga FC – Titikaveka FC – Premier Men 8-0, Senior women 1-2, U14 Boys 4-0, U-14 Girls 0-0, U11 Mixed 0-3, U9 Mixed 4-0, U7 Mixed 5-1


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