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Matavera faces uphill battle

Thursday October 10, 2019 Written by Published in Soccer
Matavera will take on Nikao Sokattak in an interesting tussle tomorrow. 19100916 Matavera will take on Nikao Sokattak in an interesting tussle tomorrow. 19100916

Kicking-off round eight midweek fixture at the CIFA complex this week is Nikao Sokattak and Matavera-Ngatangiia.


The two teams will meet in a much anticipated match at 5pm.

Matavera has improved drastically since the beginning of the season and go all out against Nikao who sits just above them on the points table.

Today’s game provides Matavera with a chance to draw some much needed points to improve their standings on the senior women’s points table. The side does not lack confidence after good results in their recent games.

As for Nikao Sokattak, this game provides them with a perfect opportunity to gain the three match points at stake and make their way up the ladder.

On Friday the Matavera-Ngatangiia and Nikao Sokattak premier men will take the field at 5pm in what is expected to be an interesting tussle between the two teams.

Matavera gave Nikao a good run for their money in their last encounter scoring early, only to concede two in the second half.

Both sides have had some unanticipated results since then, so it will be good to see how the two teams will fare against each other tomorrow.

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Today – 4pm Under 14 Boys Matavera FC-Nikao Sokattak FC (Ref: Ua Savage, Assist: Junior Savage, Robert Savage), 5pm Senior Women Matavera FC-Nikao Sokattak FC (Ref: Robert Savage,           Assist: Ua Savage, Junior Savage). Tomorrow – 4pm Under 14 Girls Matavera FC-Nikao Sokattak FC (Ref: Tahiri Elikana, Assist: Teretia Teinaki, Angelina Mitchell). 5pm Premier Men Matavera FC-Nikao Sokattak FC (Ref: Terry Piri, Assist: Pierce Iripa, Teretia Teinaki)





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