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Clash of the giants in football today

Monday December 11, 2017 Written by Published in Soccer

The premier men’s semi-final clash between Tupapa Maraerenga and Puaikura is expected to be an epic encounter.


And there is a variety of reasons why this encounter is set to be an immense battle.

Puaikura were narrowly beaten by Tupapa Maraerenga in their first match up in the Round cup competition, but things have improved for them since then.

Anthony Samuela managed to inspire his team to a hard fought 5-4 win over Tupapa Maraerenga in their second game.

As such, Puaikura is the only team in the Rarotonga round cup competition that has beaten Tupapa Maraerenga. The side will be fixated on defeating them once again and hopefully progress even further to win the knockout final silverware.

The winner of this match will advance to the Knockout Cup Final next week, a spot with which both teams are quite familiar.

Puaikura beat Titikaveka 5-4 in a fiery knockout round to reach the semi-finals, while Round cup champions Tupapa Maraerenga have had a week to prepare themselves for today’s match.

Geoffery Strickland continues to be a danger man in and around the penalty area as he looks to pounce on loose balls or make something out of seemingly nothing.

Hard working midfielder Grover Harmon, with his drive and stamina, has played an important part in the black and white teams success, and will be key for them today.

If Puaikura are to take this game, they will need a big performance from their main scorers, namely Paavo Mustonen, Conroy Tiputoa and Pekay Edwards, who will hope to seize any chances that fall to them.

Overall, it will definitely be the game to watch out for in today’s fixtures with all the elements to make for quality playing football and thrilling entertainment for supporters.

In the senior women’s division, Round Cup champions Nikao Sokattak are prepared for their much awaited knockout semi-final clash against Titikaveka.

Both teams are at their peak and overall the match is predicted to be a thrilling one with all the right ingredients to keep everyone entertained today.

            - CIFA Media


CIFA complex, Matavera: 12.30pm - Nikao Sokattak FC vs Tupapa Maraerenga FC Under 14 Girls (Ref: Amnish Prasad, Assistants: Dora Iripa, Geneva Miles), 1.30pm - Tupapa Maraerenga FC vs Puaikura FC Under 14 Boys (Ref: Maara Kaukura, Assistants: Emilie Pierce, Pierce Iripa), 2.30pm - Nikao Sokattak FC vs Titikaveka FC Senior Women (Ref: Mata Iroa, Assistants: Noel Mani, Kura Smith), 4.00pm - Tupapa Maraerenga FC vs Puaikura FC Premier Men (Ref: Maara Kaukura, Assistants: John Pareanga, Lai Gukisuva)


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