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Premier men’s teams into top four battle

Thursday December 07, 2017 Written by Published in Soccer

After a long and gruelling season, the Cook Islands football season is charging towards its conclusion with exciting matches in the premier men’s competition.


Second seed Nikao Sokattak takes on Takuvaine in the opening semi-final tomorrow, followed by top-seeded Tupapa Maraerenga’s battle against Puaikura on Saturday.

Nikao Sokattak and Takuvaine met two times during the regular season, with the first game ending in a draw. In their last game, it was the men in green and yellow who emerged as victors.

A tough battle lies ahead for both sides at the CIFA Complex in Matavera tomorrow at 5pm.

Sokattak coach Tahiri Elikana has a strong squad with all 11 players predicted to be fit for the do-or-die match.

The clash appears to be a battle of speed against strength.

Takuvaine must contend with the dazzling array of weapons that Nikao Sokattak has at its disposal. Julius David, Mark Leito and Samuela Koiatu are the prime focus of most opposing defenders.

On the offensive end for Takuvaine, Tave Tereapii’s team does have quality, with Peni Kitiona and James Nand both showing that they are reliable scorers. The back four will need to be at their best, so Takuvaine’s defensive unit will no doubt be on their toes.

Meanwhile the first round of the under-14 boys and senior women’s semi-final eliminations is set to kick off today.

The Nikao Sokattak and Titikaveka juniors will square off at 4pm, followed by the women’s clash between Tupapa Maraerenga and Avatiu at 5pm.

Today’s encounter is set to be a thriller and with both sides determined to go through to the next stage, supporters will be in for some intense football action.                                               - CIFA Media


Today at the CIFA complex, Matavera – 4pm Under 14 Boys Nikao Sokattak FC-Titikaveka FC (Ref: Noel Mani, Assist: John Pareanga, Maara Kaukura), 5pm Senior Women Tupapa Maraerenga FC-Avatiu FC (Ref: Maara Kaukura, Assist: John Pareanga, Noel Mani); Friday at the CIFA complex, Matavera –

4pm Under 14 Girls Puaikura FC-Matavera FC (Ref: Amnish Prasad, Assist: Moeroa Harmon, Tupou Patia), 5pm Premier Men – Nikao Sokattak-Takuvaine FC (Ref: Tupou Patia, Assist: Moeroa Harmon, Amnish Prasad)

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