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Race on for second slot

Friday October 20, 2017 Written by Published in Soccer

The race for second place in the Mitiaro Manea games continues, as the hosts and Mauke both claimed gold medals during the soccer events.


Mitiaro claimed gold in the U16 Girls, with Mauke winning the U16 Boys, and runaway winners Aitutaki continued to collect more gold, winning both the Open Women and Men categories.

In the Open Men category, both Mitiaro and Mauke finished on the same points total and had the same differential, but Mitiaro had a superior points for record (seven more), for which they were awarded silver and Mauke bronze.

However, in the U16 Boys, Aitutaki and Mangaia finished even on all of those statistics, as well as points against.

So, as per the FIFA rules, a coin was flipped, which meant Aitutaki claimed silver and the bronze was given to Mangaia.

Soccer results

U16 Boys: Gold - Mauke, silver - Aitutaki, bronze - Mangaia. U16 Girls: Gold - Mitiaro, silver - Mauke, bronze - Mangaia. Open Women: Gold - Aitutaki, silver - Mitiaro, bronze - Mauke. Open Men: Gold - Aitutaki, silver - Mitiaro, bronze - Mauke.


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