Village festival in Matavera today

Tuesday May 30, 2017 Written by Published in Soccer

Just Play is organising another village festival today at the Matavera School grounds starting from 2.30pm.


The key message for the day will be focused on “Care and Protection”.

Project manager Michelle Paiti said respect and inclusion of all children was an active goal that the programme strives to achieve.

“It is important that within all Just Play activities that all children are feeling respected and valued at the end of the day,” she said.

Weeks ago, the festival had to be postponed because of bad weather.

Every month over 50 children gather together to demonstrate that learning through sport is fun.

“If you have not attended before, the just play management welcomes you, and if you are returning, welcome back,” Paiti said.

“From athletics, rugby, badminton, cricket, and football, the village festival today promises to be an epitome of fun learning. Activities are available for all children aged 5-13 years.”

Paiti said the Just Play viewpoint was to develop each individual’s core character using sports and activities as tools to capture experiences that lead to maturity.

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