Panthers face tough Eels challenge

Saturday November 03, 2018 Written by Published in Rugby Union
There is no lack of top action at the Raro Sevens Tournament held at the BCI Stadium. The tournament ends today. 18110243 There is no lack of top action at the Raro Sevens Tournament held at the BCI Stadium. The tournament ends today. 18110243

Defending champions Tupapa Panthers Matie Centre will face a tough challenge today in the men’s cup quarter-final of the Raro Sevens Tournament at the BCI Stadium in Nikao.


The side will take on Avatiu Eels, which after a losing start on Thursday, have picked up momentum to become one of the top title contenders.

Panthers remain unbeaten after pool play. The side overcame Atiu Warrior 24-7 and national side Manatoa 24-5 yesterday.

The Eels lost to Takutea Warriors 0-10 on Thursday but came back firing to beat Aroko Dragons 14-5 and Veisana Vikings 31-10 yesterday.

In the other quarters, unbeaten Tauae Bulls will face Tupapa Panthers, Arorangi Cowboys will take on Yalovata and Takutea Warriors will battle Manatoa.

In the women’s competition, defending champions Raro All Stars remain the top bet after an unbeaten form on the past two days.

The competition today kicks off at 11am. Ticket price is $10 each and can be purchased at the gate.



Day 1 – Manatoa 17 Atiu Warriors 14, Tauae Bulls 34 Araura Enua 0, Arorangi Cowboys 45 Ngatangiia Matavera Phoenix 0, Raro All Stars 43 TKV Hot Mix Chicks 0, Cookie & Cream 0 Vaine Mauke 36, Avatiu Eels 0 Takutea Warriors 10, Veisana Vikings 15 Aroko Dragons 10

Day 2 – Tupapa Panthers 26 Phoenix 5, Veisana Vikings 5 Takutea Warriors 24, Tupapa Panthers Matie Centre 24 Atiu Warriors 7, Yalovata 15 Araura Enua 7, Avatiu Eels 14 Aroko Dragons 5, Cookies and Cream 21 TKV Hot Mix Chicks 7, Raro All Stars 33 Vaine Mauke 12, Yalovata 5 Tauae Bulls 31, Tupapa Panthers 12 Arorangi Cowboys 19, Veisana Vikings 10 Avatiu Eels 31, Tupapa Panthers Matie Centre 24 Manatoa 5, Takutea Warriors 20 Aroko Dragons 0;  Vaine Mauke 17 TKV Hot Mix Chicks 0, Raro All Stars 51 Cookie and Cream 0


11am Atiu Warriors-Aroko Dragons; Semis women’s – 11.18 Raro All Stars-TKV Hot Mix, 11.36 Vaine Mauke-Cookies & Cream; Men’s Quarters –11.54am Tupapa Panther Matie Centre-Avatiu Eels, 12.12pm Tauae Bulls-Tupapa Panthers, 12.30pm Arorangi Cowboys-Yalovata, 12.48pm Takutea Warriors-Manatoa; Activity; 1.24pm Ngatangiia Matavera Phoenix-(Winner of Atiu Warriors-Aroko Dragons), 1.42 Araura Enua-Veisana Vikings


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