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Avarua I, Arorangi claim Quick Rip Sevens

Friday November 02, 2018 Written by Published in Rugby Union

Avarua I and Arorangi claimed the boys and the girls under-13 titles, respectively, in the CIPS U13 Primary Schools and U16 College Quick Rip Sevens Tournament on Tuesday.


Held at Ngatangiia Field the tournament attractedhad 16 teams and over 150 participants competing.

Avarua I defeated Arorangi in the boys final while in the girls showdown, Arorangi overcame Avarua II.

“It was an awesome day, enjoyed by over 150 active participants on a hard and fast Ngatangiia Field. It was great to see all the teams and our players – our stars of the future, enjoying themselves,” said Ben Koteka of Cook Islands Rugby Union.

“This event would not have been possible without the support of the community; Ngatangiia Rugby Club for the use of their facilities, Cook Islands Red Cross, and the Panthers, Manatoa, Mauke (girls) players and administrators that helped out on the day as match officials and coaches.

“Thank you to our major sponsor Cook Islands Printing Services (CIPS) and their rep Daniel Ahau, who presented the prizes post-match, and also the support from PSP/NZ Foreign Affairs Aid.”

Quick Rip Sevens is a new and exciting game for everyone to play. Non-contact Rippa tags are used, and it’s easy to play.

Quick Rip promotes excellent ball handling and running skills, and gives all players a chance to participate in a game similar to the rugby Sevens game.




Boys - Papaaroa 0-4 Avarua 1, TUO 2-5 Avarua 2, Titikaveka 5-1 Papaaroa, Arorangi 5-1 TUO, Avarua 1 9-1 Titikaveka, Avarua 2 1-4 Arorangi, U16 Titikaveka 5-3 U16 Papaaroa; Semis: Avarua 1 3-1 Avarua 2, Titikaveka 1-3 Arorangi; U16 Titikaveka 6-3 U16 Papaaroa, Final: Avarua 1 defeated Arorangi

Girls - Papaaroa 1-3 Avarua 1, TUO 0-2 Avarua 2, Titikaveka 3-2 Papaaroa, Arorangi 5-0 TUO, Avarua 1 2-2 Titikaveka, Avarua 2 4-2 Arorangi, U16 Titikaveka 4-2 U16 Papaaroa; Semis: Avarua 1 2-3 Arorangi, Avarua 2 1-5 Avarua 2, U16 Titikaveka 4-2 U16 Papaaroa; Final: Arorangi 3-1 Avarua 2

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