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Tahiti ready for the Cooks

Wednesday August 02, 2017 Written by Published in Rugby Union

Tahiti is all set for this Friday’s battle against the Cook Islands at BCI Stadium.


Anania Tunui, the captain of the Tahitian rugby team, acknowledged that his team, filled mainly with players from Tahiti and France, were the underdogs.

“We know that it will be a tough, very complicated game. I’ve already played the Cook Islands twice, where the first time they scored over 90 points. We did score, but it was a very heavy loss.

“The second time we lost again, but it was much closer, we only lost by about 30. We know here in the Cook Islands on the national holiday it will be a very hard game.”

Knowing that the home crowd will be fired up, Tunui know that they can’t give the Cook Islands too many advantages.

“We know that we can’t give too many opportunities to the Cook Islanders, but if we play to our maximum ability and show consistency, maybe we can do something. The objective is not to keep the game close.

“First it’s about the mentality of the guys here. We need to show that we deserve to represent Tahiti.

“Maybe we will try to get the fans on our side. But first we need to do well in the fundamentals.”

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