Junior paddlers set for Vaka Eiva

Wednesday November 16, 2016 Written by Published in Paddling

WHILE attention will be on the open men’s and women’s feature races at the Matson Vaka Eiva 2016, a lot will be at stake for the young and upcoming paddlers in the week-long event.


Cook Islands Canoeing Association has some exciting competitions lined up in the junior category starting this Saturday.

The junior programme kicks off with the junior sprints on Saturday at the beachfront of Sails Restaurant at Muri beach.

All teams are requested to meet at Ngatangiia rugby field for traditional turou at noon followed by the race.

Competitions will be held in Under-14, U16 and U19 grades.

One of the newcomers to the junior grades in this year’s Vaka Eiva, Tokoroa High School U16 side is looking forward to the opportunity of competing in the country’s biggest sporting event.

The Tokoroa High Schools Waka Ama started up again in 2014 following a long rest period for the sport at the school.

In 2015, the girls qualified for the New Zealand Secondary Schools Nationals Championship for the first time.

“These girls have worked and trained very hard for the last two seasons gaining momentum and placing on the podium early in 2016 at the Secondary School Nationals,” team coach Tama Teaukura said.

“Due to their hard work and determination and definitely seen as the underdogs, this makes them only more determined to succeed, showing others exactly what youth of Tokoroa are made of … strength, resilience, determination and passion.”

Teaukura said the club had come a long way since setting up their goal of competing at the Vaka Eiva.

“Vaka Eiva is the first step of a five-month plan towards our own club, district and the big goal 2016 New Zealand Secondary School National Championship. “Competing, gaining experience and learning from the best paddlers and countries on offer from around the world.”

                - Rashneel Kumar


U19 Tane – 1. Tamatoa O Te Moana – Ngakau Toa Vaka – CI, 2. Mauao –

Te Wharekura o Mauao – NZ, 3. Te Manga – Cook Islands Outriggers – NZ, 4. Tamaroa – Te Tupu o Te Manava – CI

U19 Vaine – 1. Team Ohana – Live Free – CI, 2. Tiare Wave Riders –

NTV/Parihaka /CI Outriggers –CI/NZ

U16 Tane – 1. Tamaroa – Te Tupu o Te Manava – CI, 2. Ka Pa Te Vai – Ngakau Toa Vaka – CI

U16 Vaine – 1. Tiare Maori – Cook Islands Outriggers – NZ, 2. Tokoroa High School Girls – Nga Hau E wha Whanau Hoe – NZ, 3. Team Aphrodite’s – Live Free – CI, 4. Te Paeroa – Te Wharekura o Mauao – NZ, 5. Etu Moana – Ngakau Toa Vaka – CI

U14 Tane – 1. NTV – Ngakau Toa Vaka – CI, 2. Toru – Te Kura o Matapihi –NZ, 3. Otepou – Hoe Aroha –CI

U14 Vaine – 1. NTV – Ngakau Toa Vaka – CI, 2. Vaine Moana – Cook Islands Outriggers – NZ, 3. Toru – Te Kura O Matapihi – NZ, 4. Otepou –

Hoe Aroha – NZ

U14 Mixed – 1. Tahi – Te Kura O Matapihi – NZ, 2. Rua – Te Kura O Matapihi – NZ, 3. Toru – Te Kura O Matapihi – NZ, 4. Otepou – Hoe Aroha –NZ, 5. Waitao – Hoe Aroha – NZ

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