Overseas paddlers keen to return

Tuesday December 01, 2015 Written by Published in Paddling

Visiting paddlers are keen to return to next year’s Matson Vaka Eiva to be part of yet another year of festivity.


The unfavourable weather this year failed to break the spirit and determination of the organisers and paddlers from putting on a great show.

Vaka Eiva 2015 coordinator Chrissy Thomas said organisers had received confirmation from visiting teams that they would be returning to the event next year.

About 520 paddlers took part in the 12th edition of the annual paddling competition, which ended on Friday last week.

Cook Islands, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Hawaii, USA, Fiji and Samoa were among the countries represented in the week-long competition.

“International teams have shown their interest in returning next year and we are looking forward to accommodating them once again,” Thomas said.

“The weather wasn’t that great but we still managed to finish all our races. We didn’t cancel any event.

“Our safety team also did a great job in ensuring there weren’t any accidents during the event. They looked after the competitors very well, both on and off the water.”

Thomas also thanked three St Johns volunteers who came from New Zealand to help them run the event.

Meanwhile, Thomas is calling on people to check out the carved paddles on sale at Le Bon Vivant in Avarua.

She said they had managed to sell 12 paddles and about 20 are still on sale at $500 each. 

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