Melina Etches

Melina Etches

Dancers overcome nerves on stage

Monday August 03, 2020

Dancers wowed the audience with their poise and grace at a packed out Rehab nightclub on Friday night. 

Over the years, the Ministry of Justice building has experienced water leaks.

Mitiaro and Atiu both elect new mayors in the outer islands.

Dancing makes me proud: papa

Friday July 31, 2020

Tonight will be special for cultural master Papa Ngarima George, when he dances on stage for the Rauti Para event.

The gift of technology

Thursday July 30, 2020

Apii Enuamanu Year 11 students have received laptops donated by the Ron Crocombe Foundation, to assist with their studies.

The six Kavana (Aronga Mana or Chief) of Mangaia have elected Tangi Tereapii to take on the role of Numangatini Ariki. He will be invested with the title on August 28.

Just get up and dance

Thursday July 30, 2020

Golden Oldies male defending champion, MP for Matavera Vaitoti Tupa is feeling cool, confident and energetic ahead of tomorrow’s event. 

Expat dancer will dedicate her performance to both her homes in Australia and in Cook Islands and to the people she considers her family.

Islands go to the polls

Wednesday July 29, 2020

Polling stations in the Pa Enua open from 9am this morning to 6pm, for the voting of 56 councillors and nine mayors in the Island government elections today.

GO LOCAL: Kaota Tuariki saw beauty in ginger (kopi teatea) for the first time when he was shown the root crop by the late Robert Wigmore.

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