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Weightlifter Olaf Rasmussen. 20092503 Weightlifter Olaf Rasmussen. 20092503

Name: Dan-Olaf Rasmussen (Olaf)


Island representing: Tongareva Henua

How long have you been lifting? Since 2014

What made you want to try it?I started crossfit training, which incorporates Olympic weightlifting, and I got hooked.

What do you love about weightlifting? Getting new personal bests, it’s a reward for the work you put in.

What’s your favourite lift? Snatch.

What’s your personal best? 85kg for the snatch and 105kg for the clean & jerk.

You do a lot of team sports, like rugby league, but Olympic weightlifting is an individual sport. Does weightlifting help make you a better team player? Weightlifting requires coordination, timing, patience and a lot of mental and physical strength. I’m a firm believer that anyone wanting to play any contact or explosive sport should add weightlifting to their training because it really helps with strength and conditioning and preparing your body.

You’re a new dad again. Congratulations! Do you think weightlifting is a family and community sport? Yes! Keeping fit and healthy is something my wife and I are trying to demonstrate to our girls, to make being active a key part of everyday life. We are fortunate to live close to our gym and are grateful for our Tumuora Fit family. The weightlifting community at Tumuora Fit is a positive community and brings out the best in people.

You are recovering from an Achilles rupture injury from touch rugby. How did you get back into weightlifting post recovery?I was off any exercise, in a cast then a moonboot and on crutches, for four months and that was tough. Once I was given the all clear by the doctors I started with light barbells. It feels good to be back training. After that kind of injury, you tend to be a lot more appreciative of all the opportunities to be active. Meitaki maata to the health professionals at Te Marae Ora for the treatment!


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