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Monday June 10, 2019 Written by Published in Other Sports
Ella Paio (left) and Joe Matepi with freshly caught barracuda at Mangaia harbour a week ago. 19060727 Ella Paio (left) and Joe Matepi with freshly caught barracuda at Mangaia harbour a week ago. 19060727

Six boats and two canoes registered for the first Tony Armstrong Memorial Fishing Competition between Mangaia and Rarotonga’s Avana Fishing club event held on Saturday, June 1 to Monday, June 3.


Prize giving was held on the final day Monday night at the Mangaia Fishing club premises situated near the harbour.

Arthur Pickering representing one of the major sponsors for the event, noted the support from the community and the good feeling seeing the mamas, papas and children participate.

Secretary of the Mangaia Fishing Club Poroa Arokapiki said it was a good competition, “it’s not just about fishing, but people coming together, catching up and having good times. It’s nice to see the kids and the mamas join in.”

The village dance team performed on the night, and a generous spread of fresh seafood and local foods was provided by the mamas.

Meanwhile with three marlins weighed in during the Don Beer Snr Memorial Fishing competition, for the first time a new heaviest “Marlin” category was added to the prize giving list.

The country’s record “Grander” (a fish weighing over a thousand pounds,) a Blue marlin, the first caught on rod and reel worldwide for 2019, weighed in at 1041LB (472.6kg).

The Blue marlin was reeled in by Cameron Thorp and Brendan Gardiner on board Tamahine and claimed first prize; 2nd placing went to Te Kiva Nui skippered by Nga Takaiti with a 231kg marlin, with 3rd prize going to Manakia with a 208.4kg marlin caught by Poe Poila.

Tamahine also collected the Cook Islands Game Fishing clubs (CIGFC) special bonus of $1000 for a marlin caught during a fishing competition weighing over 300 kg.

A total of 26 boats registered for the event, 61 fish were caught with a total weight of 1278.3kg that included the fish species of: Yellowfin tuna – 27, Rainbow runner – 3, Mahimahi – 10, Wahoo – 13, Ono – 1, Marlin – 3, Albacore – 3 and Skipjack tuna – 1.


Results for the Mangaia vs Avana Fishing competition – Heaviest fish: 1st ($500) Wahoo 21kg, boat - Terivene with Rongo Tuaine and Norm Tuaine; 2nd ($300) Wahoo 10kg, boat-  Brooke with Ngatupuna Matepi and Maru Ben; 3rd ($200) equal with Yellowfin tuna both weighing 6kg on board Toa Moana with Kau Rere and Peter Brothers, and on boat Aramoana with Iro, Tuara, Pupuke Robati and Arthur Pickering; the Aramoana crew donated their winnings to Toa Moana.

Heaviest Aggregate: 1st (500) 108kg – Kau Rere and Peter Brothers, 2nd ($300) 62.5kg – Mangaia Fishing Club 2 (Vai, Steven, Wesley Kareroa, Maru Ben and Steven (Moko) Kavana), 3rd ($200) 43kg – Rongo and Norm Tuaine. Mama’s heaviest aggregate of seafood: 1st ($200) Tini Harry with 19kg of ‘tiotio’; 2nd ($200) Judy Ruatoe with 8.5kg of vana, paua and ungakoa; 3rd ($100) Metu Atariki with 4.5kg of paua and ungakoa. Papa’s heaviest aggregate of seafood: 1st Moekapiti Tangatakino with 15kg of tiotio, 2nd Marere Maora with 10.5kg of octopus. Spear fishing Heaviest Aggregate: 1st ($500) Paaro Arokapiti with 76kg, 2nd ($300) Matthew Tuaine with 45kg, 3rd ($200) Tuaineiti Ngamata with 34kg. The Mangaia Fishing Club Committee are: Patron – Pastor Ngametua Papatua, President – Tangimokopuna George, Vice President – Taoi Nooroa, Secretary – Poroa Arokapiti, Assistant secretary – Umuumu Peraua, Treasurer – Wesley Kareroa, MMR Officer – Tua Matepi. Mayor – Teremoana Atariki.

The Don Beer Snr Memorial Tuna fishing competition – Heaviest Tuna: 1st – Don Beer Jnr, Yellowfin tuna 27.4kg, boat Trader Don; 2nd – Cameron Thorp, 26.1kg Albacore tuna, boat Tamahine; 3rd – Buckley Snr, Albacore 20kg, boat Moeroa. Heaviest Marlin: 1st – Cameron Thorp, Blue marlin 472.6 kg (club record), boat Tamahine; 2nd – Nga Takaiti, Marlin 231kg, boat Te Kiva Nui; 3rd – Poe Poila, Marlin 208.4kg, boat Manakia.Heaviest aggregate (other than Marlin): 1st - Buckley Snr with 78.8kg,  boat Moeroa; 2nd – Tioni William with 15.5kg, boat Velani; 3rd Gordon Heather with 58.6kg, boat Vaihina. The Lucky boat draw went to Pop Eye and skipper Adam Hill.


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