Kids triathlon a major success

Friday February 22, 2019 Written by Published in Other Sports
Over 40 children aged from fi ve years up to teenagers competed in the Kids Triathlon competition. 19022118 Over 40 children aged from fi ve years up to teenagers competed in the Kids Triathlon competition. 19022118

Cook Islands Triathlon Association held its inaugural Kids Triathlon competition at the Tikioki Tri Site on Saturday last week.

Association president Roland Neururer said the weather was amazing and over 40 children aged from 5 years up to teenagers competed in the event.

The course for the younger children was a 100 metres swim, 3 kilometre bike ride to Kent Hall and back and a 1km run through Tikioki. The older children tackled a 200m swim, 5km cycle and 2km run.

“It was fantastic to see so many children competing and giving their all in a hot afternoon. Parents said that their children were challenged to try something new and many hadn’t previously entered in a triathlon before,” Neururer said.

“It is hard work to put three sports together and keep running till the end. The organisation was praised, as well as the support from peers and other competitors. 

“Children cheered on their friends and siblings when they saw them on the course and parents all commented at the great sportsmanship shown by everyone.”

Neururer said ice blocks donated by Prime Foods were very welcomed after the race had finished.

He also thanked the main event sponsor Paradise Supplies, and supporting sponsor Napa family and Empire Cinema for the donation of movie tickets, CITC for the winners and CITAI for their donation of prizes. 

“Altogether it was a huge success and a very well run and challenging afternoon which parents said that their children thoroughly enjoyed.”

The association’s next event is the Aroa Vegeland Men’s Triathlon which will be held on March 2.

This will be an adventure race consisting of a paddle board course, a mountain bike and off road run. 

The annual women’s triathlon will be held on March 18 and the main Air New Zealand Rarotonga Triathlon on May 4.


9 years and under: Female – Olivia Postrzygacz (15:56 minutes), Male – Nathan Moorfield (15:03), Mixed – Team Young Guns (23:57); 10-12 years: Female –

Maya Postrzygacz (28:53), Male – Reed Brotherton (27:36), Mixed – Team KOM (29:25); 13-16 years: Female – Seychelle Carter (28:30), Male – Finn Quirke (38:29). 

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